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Dear Clients, dear friends!

We have prepared for you the Offer, which has no analogues.

Any member of the Offer will SURELY receive 5600 dollars to his/her account. This is real money, the profits from which will be available for withdrawal. USD 600 are issued for 1 month, USD 5,000 - for six months. The profit from these funds can be withdrawn without restriction

The purpose of the Offer is to collect the word "PrivateFX" in your account. The word is composed out of letters that the participants receive for performing certain actions.

Terms of the Offer
  1. Registration. After registering on the website, everyone gets USD100 for one month and the letter P.
  2. The obtained USD 100 may be invested in PAMM indices of the Company, and the profit - withdrawn. But if you will post the details on how you have registered, and invested a profit, and place the tip on the resource from the list (a list of resources - partners of the Offer), you will get two more letters - R and I.
  3. To get the next letter, you need to deposit USD 100 to your account, and you will get the bonus of 100 dollars for one month. For that, you get 2 letters - V and A.
  4. Your real $ 100 may be withdrawn at any time, but if you do it earlier than after 1 month, the 2 letters received will be written off.
  5. For the letter T, you must deposit USD 500 to your account and get a bonus of $500 for one month, the profit can be withdrawn. Deposited USD 500 may be withdrawn at any time, but if you do it earlier than after one month, you lose the letter.
  6. The most important stage of the competition. To get the next letter and a $ 5,000 prize, you need to make a 20% yield from your investment. If you complete this task successfully, you will receive the letter "E"
  7. 20% of the profit are to be obtained for the amount of $ 500, which you have deposited in stage 5.
  8. Next, in order to get a deposit to the bonus account in the amount of USD 5,000 ($ 5,000 bonus for half a year), you must write a review on how you have received 20% of the profits and place it on the partner resource of the Offer from the list. Then you get 5000 to your account for a period of six months, with the right of withdrawal of profit and the letter «F».
  9. The participants who within a month after receiving the prize of USD5000 will deposit the account with the amount of USD 1,000 and more will receive a bonus of another USD 5,000 to the account for a period of 3 months, with the right of withdrawal of profit and the letter «X».
I want to share with you my experience of participation in the offerCollect Letters from the company PrivateFX. In order to participate in the offer, I deposited the account with $ 100 and $ 500 and immediately received a bonus of $ 600 from PrivateFX Company. The $ 600 I deposited went to the account Collect the Letters which I had to use to invest in the recommended accounts and to get a monthly profit of 20%. I started investing and in exactly 30 days I managed to get to the result of 20.5% which I consider to be very good. Thanks to the Company for this Offer! To those who are still hesitating or just have not tried yet I advise to try and create an account in the company PrivateFX.
So, after a few months of participation in the Offer"Collect letters - get money" I fix all the conditions for receiving the prize. During the month of investment of the $ 600 bonus in the PAMM-account I obtained a 41.86% profit !!! As the volume of competitive funds does not exceed 5% of my investment portfolio, I did not diversify it on various accounts but did the diversification within its core portfolio. Thus I had invested all the bonus funds in full on one account per week. By investing in conservative-aggressive PAMM PARAMON (2331), EvgenyChaev (5130), bokser_boss (6031) I got a profit of 5.5% during three weeks. After the introduction of restrictions on the date of receipt of the necessary income for the month, it was decided to invest all the competitive funds for the last week in the PAMM Predators999 (6024) (do not forget to first read the offer of the PAMM Account ), which featured a magnificent return and allowed not only to obtain the necessary level of profitability of 20%, but also significantly surpass it! As for the difficulties that arose during the competition, I would like to note some nuances that weren't well elaborated, namely, how to act if the end of the month the investment falls in the middle of the TP of a PAMM into which the contest money has been invested. I am glad that the company quickly reacted to this and has implemented the automatic withdrawal of funds from all the PAMM-accounts, in which they have been invested at the end of the 30-day term. There was also a bad moment when this automatic feature did not work properly, but technical support helped to solve this and successfully withdraw all the funds to the account of competition. Separately, I want to draw the attention of investors to the fact that after the 30-day period of profit, there is no need to apply for withdrawal of promotional funds from the account "Collect the letters" from the PAMM-accounts - the funds will be written off automatically. This is especially important if you invest in such accounts as the Predators999 (6024), which opens a long-term deal, and each application for withdrawal of funds creates an additional burden on the account in the RO and increases the floating drawdown and the risk of closure of the account at the stop-out for all other investors' accounts. As the result of a 30-day investment, the folowing profit has been obtained: - A $ 600 bonus money -. 236.32 USD. - A $ 600 competitive funds -. 251.18 USD. The total: For the $ 600 deposited on the past month I have received a profit in the amount of $ 487.50 or 81% !!!
I'll tell you about my positive experiences in PrivateFX Offer - Collect letters. At the fifth stage of the competition you need to earn 20% per month for the bonus money provided by the company under the Offer. That is a $ 600 bonus you need to turn into $ 720. I thought that this is unrealistic, very few PAMMs on the site can give such returns. But I took a chance and invested all funds in the PAMM - Predators999. And I aimed well. The Manager of the account made 26% in 2 weeks! Generally, in the middle of the trading period of the Manager, i.e. a week later, the profit was higher, as much as 34%, but after contacting the company's customer serviceI was politely and clearly explained that the profit should be fixed, i.e. displayed on the score at the end of the trading period of the Manager. After that, I applied for the withdrawal of all funds from this PAMM to the end of the trading period, hoping that this week the profit will not decrease. Although a week profit actually decreased, it was enough to pass to the next stage of the competition. So after 2 weeks, the amount on my bonus account turned out to $ 758. Certainly, I had a good luck, but the company keeps the word and now I will get a $ 5000 bonus for six months from the company. Of course, doing 20% in 2 weeks will not always work. But even objectively making 7-8% per month with $ 5000, in six months you can earn quite a decent amount, even without reinvesting, and withdrawing profit from the company. Actually that's my brief experience with the company PrivateFX for this Offer. I look forward to a long future cooperation and high profits.